Activities nearby

The most enchanting site of “Les écorives du lac Laurianne” is also well situated. It sits in an area that facilitates all kinds of activities, one more exciting one than another, and that offers a wide selection of services that will satisfy all your needs. Some of the nearby activities accessible nearby include alpine skiing at Val Saint-Côme, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, hiking, fishing, white water rafting, atving and having a good time at one of the friendly cafés.

The “Municipalité de Saint-Côme” is known for its ice festival; indeed, since 1967, chainsaw craftsmen create amazing ice sculptures using huge blocks of ice as a canvas. In addition, parades, lumberjack competition, hockey tournaments and various shows are offered. Summer brings its own gamut of events, like “Ma Rivière en chanson” festival at the end of July which brings the big names of folklore music as well as upcoming stars.

And that is not all, Saint-Côme and its surroundings have more for nature lovers, such as magnificent parks, like the Chutes à Bull Regional Park and Forêt Ouareau Regional Park. Whatever the season, “Les écorives du lac Laurianne” is a place you will enjoy.

For more information, visit Municipalité de Saint-Côme.

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